Simplify the Business of Running Your Dance Studio
Welcome to LiveWire! 
Gain complete clarity in your studio and know EXACTLY what to do each and every month to become your most impactful, effective and profitable studio.

What do all successful and profitable dance studios all have in common?  

They have planned, perfected and executed a system for focusing on their highest-impact activities for each month, resulting in maximum growth, retention, and profitability.  

The problem with this?  It takes time.  Time to brainstorm. Time to perfect.  Time to delegate. Valuable time we could be spending on taking action.

This is where so many studio owners get stuck.  Caught in the overwhelm and between planning and action.

What if you could fast forward this process, remove the guesswork, and get ready-made action plans and task lists sent to your inbox each and every month?

 LiveWire is the FIRST dance studio planning system that delivers month-by-month studio action plans across 5 key categories using the Trello platform, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and start moving forward with confidence. 

These key categories are the areas I have identified as high impact-high return over the 10+ years of managing my own successful dance studio.

What You Will Gain From LiveWire?
Win #1: Maximum Clarity and Consistency
Wearing multiple hats and struggling to get through your to-do list is no way to run a profitable business.  

Gain a complete, month-by-month roadmap of top areas and tasks to focus on each month to move your studio forward consistently and transform into the high-performance business of your dreams.
Win #2: Stellar Efficiency and Organization
Do you ever wonder what you should be doing next, or have a last minute scramble to complete projects?  

Our organized, proven system helps you get right to work with our done-for-you checklists and action plans. You can also easily share your board with your team and delegate tasks without having to miss a beat.
Win #3: Surpass Customer Expectations
 Customers love businesses that have thought of everything!  This system helps you to nurture your current customers so you can exceed expectations and build great retention, year after year.

Your studio will become the gold standard for customer responsiveness and providing stellar service.

This is the exact system I use to maximize efficiency, stay organized, and sustainably scale my own highly profitable, multi-six figure studio.

Just click to copy my monthly board and away you go. (Kicking butt and taking names, no doubt.) 

And yes, you can customize the boards, add, remove, or modify items, or share them with your team.

Gone is the overwhelm. No more wondering if your missing something. And say "buh-bye" to wasted time.

What would you expect to pay for something so valuable?
Something that saves you so much time and stress?
Something that gives you so much clarity?
Something that keeps you and your team on the ball?

$99 a month?
$59 a month?

Neither of those.

I am giving you this incredible gift for just $27/month.

Believe me when I tell you this 'plug and play' system is an incredible value and this introductory price won't last long.

Are you ready to FINALLY feel completely confident in the actions you are taking every single day to reach your studio goals?

Then I applaud you.  Click the button below and let's do it!

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